Free! Characters: present + past

「 we all change, in time 」
"Would you please not go?"
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Haru and Makoto

Haru and Rin

Rei and Nagisa

Rin and Nitori

Rin and Sousuke



i find this funny hehe


Tried to draw cute fluff for Eternal Summer Ep 10 tears of angsting pain.  Failed miserably.  Yandere!Makoto + the usual crack…


Rin: Did something happen?
Haru: No. 
I just don’t want to be over there right now.

Rin: Did you and Makoto have a fight or something?
Haru: *oh no how do you know it
Rin: Bingo, uh? 
It’s just one little fight. 
Sousuke and I fight all the time.

Haru: It was my….first fight.

Okay, you can’t tell me that it isn’t a chat about their boyfriends.
Rin and Haru are only bff.


 dorks on and off screen! ♥